A Professional Body for Early Years

When Early Years Educators get together, we talk about recognition.. or the lack of it.

Obviously we want our hard work and qualifications to rewarded with decent pay and conditions, that’s why I joined SIPTU.

But just as important, we want our profession to be recognised.

That’s why SIPTU, the Association of Childhood Professionals and the academics’ organisation PLÉ have come together to help establish a professional body for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC).

Why a Professional Body?

Our profession needs to be thinking and speaking for itself; this means building a professional body where we are making the big decisions.

We need to build the foundations of our profession; a code of ethics, standards for professional practice and a collective identity.

On the most basic level we need to decide what we are called… are we educators, practitioners, teachers, workers, professionals?

Building a Professional Future

We know the positive impact that professional, high quality ECEC can have on the lives of children, families and communities.

Over the coming months SIPTU, ACP and PLÉ will be talking to members and the wider sector about how we can establish a professional body to best support this goal.

By building an Early Years professional body, we can push for higher quality and better outcomes.

By joining the Early Years union, we can win the necessary pay and conditions to support a professional sector.

Let us rise, together.

In Solidarity,



Jessica Lee

Educator & Member of SIPTU Big Start National Committee

On Behalf of the Big Start National Committee

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