Call To Action: The Living Wage & Budget 2020

Ireland’s Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector is in the middle of a low pay crisis.

Early Years Educators earn on average €11.18 per hour, this is €1.12 below the Living Wage of €12.30. SIPTU research, to be published in the coming months, shows that 94% of Early Years Educators have difficulty in making ends meet. Just 9% are able to cope with unexpected expenses, like replacing a washing machine.

Unsurprisingly, our research also shows that 67% of Early Years Educators will not be working in the sector in 5 years’ time if something doesn’t change.

This is why SIPTU has called for the introduction of the Living Wage for the ECEC sector in our Pre-Budget Submission.

The Living Wage is just the first step towards professional pay scales as recommended in the MERCER report.

Take Action Now!

Right now, Government is working on Budget 2020. We need them to allocate €32 million so that everyone working in Early Years earns at least the Living Wage of €12.30 per hour.

If we can put enough pressure on TDs, we can make sure that this happens…. but this won’t happen without you.

That’s why we are asking all SIPTU members and supporters to contact their local TDs by phone or email to demand funding for the Living Wage.

We need to tell them:

  1. Why low pay is a problem
  2. The Living Wage is the minimum Early Years Educators should earn
  3. Government need to allocate €32 million in Budget 2020 to make this happen

You can find your local TDs here and the SIPTU Pre-Budget Submission here.

If you need any help contacting your local TD, please call 01 858 6365 or email

Together we can win the recognition we deserve.

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