Invitation: ECEC Professional Body -Working Group Online Launch

You are invited to the online launch of the ECEC Professional Body Working Group on Thursday 3rd October at 5pm. Please register here to join us online on Thursday or watch at a later date.

A professional body is an important step in the development of a high quality, recognised and valued Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector. In fact 97% of ECEC professionals supported the establishment of a professional body in the recent SIPTU survey.

However, it should not be imposed from the top down.

That’s why SIPTU, ACP and PLÉ have formed a working group to help establish a profession body that is of, and by, professionals themselves.

In this online webinar, we introduce the self-organised group working to prepare for the establishment of the professional body, lay out its aims and principles, discuss our work plan — and invite your active participation.

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