JLC Talks & Professionals’ Survey Results

SIPTU Big Start
2 min readFeb 16, 2022


Last week, Professor Noirin Hayes launched SIPTU’s annual Early Years Professionals’ Survey.

While the results made for difficult reading, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


The survey showed that low pay is the biggest problem for educators, managers and providers.

  • Educators (93%) and managers (96%) are struggling to make ends meet
  • Providers (94%) are struggling to recruit and retain staff
  • Recruitment challenges are negatively impacting service provision (96%)

Currently 41% of staff are actively looking for a job outside of our sector. If low pay is not addressed, there will be a mass exodus.

SIPTU members fought for change, and it is coming.


In Budget 2022, thousands of SIPTU members campaigned for government funding to improve pay and keep providers sustainable. We won €207 million as part of a new Core Funding Scheme.

But first, a pay deal must be agreed between SIPTU and the employer groups (Childhood Services Ireland and the Federation of Early Childhood Providers).

Early Years educators and managers are on the SIPTU negotiating team fighting for the best deal possible.

We work as professionals, we deserve professional pay and conditions of employment.

This pay deal will be the first step on that journey.


We have an opportunity to change our profession for the better.

For the first time, educators and managers are in pay talks for our sector and government has committed funding that will lift thousands out of poverty pay.

The stronger our union, the better the deal we can negotiate with employers.

If you are not yet a member, you to strengthen our hand by joining SIPTU.

The upcoming pay deal will be a first big step on the path to professional pay.