Love Doesn’t Pay the Bills: ECCE & AIM Payments

The ECCE ‘free preschool year’ has been a huge success. Parents love it, it’s raising quality and 95% of children are availing of it.

It is also 100% government funded. This means that government covers the full cost of wages, rent, equipment and everything else. Needless to say, money is tight and many are struggling.

So when there are delays to ECCE payments it causes a lot of problems for services and educators. Unfortunately that’s what happening right now.

‘Higher capitation’ payments for employing a graduate will not be paid until October or November and the AIM ‘inclusion’ payments will be paid a month after staff have started working.

This is not good enough and SIPTU members are telling the DCYA and POBAL just that.

We want the DCYA to ensure that there are definite dates for payments and that there are no undue delays.

You can help today by signing the petition calling for change.

The Big Start campaign will be be contacting Minister Zappone, her Department and POBAL about this issue. SIPTU members will also be seeking a meeting with the Minister to discuss the big issues facing our sector.

You can be part of the campaign for recognition by joining SIPTU. Every person who joins brings us one step closer to increased funding and a pay scale with a Sectoral Employment Order.

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