Our future is being decided: take action now

Although life is very different right now, the lock-down will end.

However, the problems for the Early Years sector haven’t gone away.

Parents pay the highest fees the European Union, educators are some of the lowest paid in the economy and many services struggle with sustainability.

Simply put, the system isn’t working… but there is a solution.

A New Model for Early Years

We need a new funding model for Early Years that recognises the contribution of staff and of private and community service providers.

There is a simple but powerful solution; the state should assume the responsibility for funding wages and support the other costs of service delivery.

This would substantially reduce costs for providers and parents, raise pay for professionals and support the sustainability of private and community services.

It would also enhance the overall quality of provision for children by attracting and retaining qualified educators.

That’s why SIPTU, together with 11 other Early Years and civil society organisations, today launched a set of proposals for a new funding model.

These proposals offer a vision of a better future, but we have to make it happen.

Let’s Make It Happen

Over the coming days the future direction of our profession will be decided.

Political parties are negotiating the priories for the next government right now.

We have to make sure that our new funding model for Early Years is at the top of the agenda.

If we show politicians that this a big issue, we can make sure the next government delivers real change.

You can help make this happen by emailing you local TDs right now.

United We Stand

Years of campaigning by activists, advocates and organisations have brought us to this point.

We now have an incredible opportunity to bring about real change that delivers our shared vision of a high quality, affordable, accessible sector with decent pay and sustainable services.

Let’s stand up and be counted.

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