SIPTU and ACP: Together Stronger

‘United we stand, divided we beg’ — it’s an old union slogan that can teach us a lot today.

We know that a historic lack of government funding has resulted in low wages for educators, high fees for parents and struggling services. Our sector is in the middle of a staffing crisis and every year more and more is expected of us.

It feels like our sector has been begging for a long time; it’s time we united to make a change.

Donegal educators talk about the challenges of working on low wages and the need to organised a union.

By organising our union and working with other progressive Early Years organisations, we can campaign to increase government funding and wages.

That’s why SIPTU and the Association of Childhood Professionals (ACP) have been in talks over the past several months.

We share the same vision of a high quality, affordable and accessible Early Years sector where professional wages are supported by government funding.

By building a strong union together we can establish decent pay scales with a Sectoral Employment Order. By campaign together we can secure the necessary funding to pay them.

That’s why the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone said;

“if I were a childcare worker, I would join a union”.

Let’s be clear, providers cannot pay what they don’t have. Professional wages have to be underpinned by increased government funding.

The ACP are encouraging their members and all Early Years professional to join SIPTU.

Like the thousands of other SIPTU members, they know that united we stand, divided we beg.

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