SIPTU Reopening Early Years Survey Results

This survey was conducted during May 2020 with the aim of identifying the key issues associated with the reopening of Early Years services for the children essential workers on June 29th.

The responses will inform SIPTU’s work on the DCYA Reopening Advisory Group and the application of the government’s ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ to the Early Years sector.

The survey asked questions of two key groups.

Group 1 consisted of educators, room leaders and deputy managers.

Group 2 consisted of managers and owner managers.

The total number of respondents was 6,128 with a complete response rate of 5,183.

The key finding are set out below. After an initial question, Group 1 responses are followed for Group 2 responses.

Questions for all respondents

Educator, Room Leader and Deputy Manager Responses

Manager and Owner Manager Responses

Note: Answer two is “Yes, but additional funding / fees are necessary”

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