Survey Results: Passion and Low Pay

Yesterday we launched the results of the SIPTU Early Years Professionals’ Survey.

It showed that educators are passionate about thier work, enjoy working with children and love feeling like they made a difference.

But most are also struggling with low pay and poor conditions; many are considering leaving the sector altogether.

That’s why we are campaigning for a Living Wage in October’s budget. This will be a threshold of decency and the first step towards the professional pay and conditions we deserve.

The Big Start campaign has received support from many politicians and political parties, but we need action now.

Budget 2020

Right now decisions are being made about our future in Budget 2020.

We need to make sure that extra funding for a Living Wage is a priority; the low pay crisis cannot be allowed to continue for another year.

Time to Make a Difference

If we put enough pressure on T.D.s, we can win a Living Wage in the next budget… but this won’t happen without you.

That’s why we are asking all SIPTU members and supporters to contact their local T.D.s by phone or email and asking them to make an Early Years Living Wage a priority in the budget talks.

You can make a difference today by talking to your local T.D. about:

  1. Why low pay is a problem
  2. The Living Wage is the minimum Early Years Educators should earn
  3. Ask them to make the Living Wage a priority in the budget

You can find your local T.D. here and the SIPTU Pre-Budget Submission here.

Your local SIPTU organsier can also help you with this really important action.

To all the people who have already taken this action, well done, you have made a real impact!

You can also join SIPTU, the Early Years union by clicking here.

Together we can win the recognition we deserve.

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