Ireland is an expensive place to live.

Even just paying for the basics like rent, transport and food costs a lot of money.

That’s why the ‘Living Wage’ was developed; it is the minimum amount that you need to earn to pay for the basic necessities.

Today is was raised to €11.90 per hour for a 39 hour week.

It is a wage that provides for needs, not wants; and it’s €1 more than what an average qualified Early Years Educators earns.

A Better Deal for the Early Years Sector

Early Years Educators earn on average €10.88 per hour, but most don’t work 39 hours a week. Many are struggling to make ends meet and services are struggling with sustainability.

That is because government spending on childcare is so low.

We need a better deal for the Early Years Sector, where high quality care and education is supported by decent pay and adequate funding.

Making it Happen

Together educators, providers and others are campaigning for high quality, affordable Early Years with decent pay.

By joining SIPTU we can win decent pay scales and increase government funding to pay for them.

You can find out more or get involved by contacting or calling 01 858 6365.

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