The Women’s Day Pledge: 1918–2018

Women have always stood up for what’s right.

A hundred years ago Europe was at war and Britain tried to introduce conscription into Ireland.

This sparked the biggest protest movement Ireland has ever seen, and women were at the forefront.

Over two million people signed an anti-conscription pledge as part of the campaign.

On the 9th June thousands of members of the Irish Women Workers Union (IWWU) marched to City Hall, Dublin and signed the Lá na mBan (Women’s Day) anti-conscription pledge.

By organising and standing together, women found their strength.

A Women’s Pledge for 2018

A 100 years on and women are still standing up for what’s right.

On the 9th June this year women will again sign pledges at Dublin’s City Hall about the issues we face in 2018.

As part of the Big Start campaign we are encouraging people to write a modern 59-word pledge about the issues we face as Early Years Educators; the importance of our work, the lack of recognition and the need to organise a union.

If you, and your colleagues, would like to find out more or take part in the ‘Women’s Day Pledge’ competition, please contact Shonagh Byrne at 01 858 6381 or

In Solidarity,


On Behalf of the Big Start National Committee


Shonagh Byrne

SIPTU Organiser

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