Time is running out.

Government need to act now if our sector is to survive this crisis. It needs to support providers to stay afloat and keep educators in their jobs.

We know the DCYA is working hard to finalise the ‘Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme’; this is a vital piece of work.

However the delay in its introduction is causing big problems.

Getting It Right, Now

Providers and educators need certainty, funding and an income.

The DCYA has continued scheme payments this week, but we need the Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme finalised as soon as possible.

That’s why SIPTU formally wrote to the DCYA this week on behalf of our 6,000 members.

We called on the DCYA to:

  1. Finalise the Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme as soon as possible
  2. Backdate the ‘Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme’ to when services signed up for the Revenue scheme
  3. Give access to self employed providers to the DCYA and Revenue wage subsidy schemes
  4. Fast track access to the ‘Sustainability Fund’ to both private and community providers

Above all, we need the Wage Subsidy Scheme available for providers and staff.

United We Stand

The Covid-19 emergency is a massive challenge for our country and our sector.

SIPTU will continue to fight for our sector and to make sure it is supported to survive this crisis.

To all those who have joined SIPTU since the the crisis, thank you. You are helping to build a strong voice for our sector.

If you haven’t joined yet, you can sign up here.

Please take care of yourself and loved ones.

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