UPDATE: Wage Scheme Details, Discussion and Decisions

We have some big decisions to make.

The DCYA has developed a ‘Wage Subsidy Scheme’ to help our sector survive the Covid-19 crisis.

However it is up to each service to decide if they opt-in.

That’s why SIPTU is raising members queries with the DCYA.

We know that decisions are best made with good information and good discussion.

Good Information

This week many questions were answered when the DCYA released a ‘Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme’ FAQ and further information for self-employed providers.

The DCYA scheme is in addition to Revenue’s ‘Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme’.

We would ask all members, providers and educators read these documents thoroughly.

The 7 key elements of the scheme are:

  • Revenue and the DCYA will fund the wage costs of services
  • Staff will receive a minimum payment of €350 per week and a maximum of €585
  • Services will receive a minimum €300 per week for operational costs (or 15% of payroll costs if greater)
  • Self employed providers will also receive €350 per week
  • Parents will not have to pay any fees
  • All other funding scheme are suspended
  • It will operate for 12 weeks

SIPTU will continue to raise issues with the DCYA and advocate for our members.

Good Discussion

The Covid-19 crisis has brought so much change to our lives.

The Wage Subsidy Scheme will also mean temporary changes for the Early Years Sector.

That’s why we are encouraging staff and providers to discuss the scheme and how it would work.

Already many services have done this.

If you have queries or need support, please contact your local SIPTU Organiser or bigstart@siptu.ie.

United We Stand

The Covid-19 emergency is a massive challenge for our country and our sector.

The ERSI is also predicting that Ireland will face a deep recession this year and that up to 350,000 people will lose their job.

SIPTU will continue to fight for our sector and to make sure it is supported to survive this crisis.

Please take care of yourself and loved ones.

You can join SIPTU at www.bigstart.ie/join.